Airflow now produce a Layer Lifting device that will allow the removal of separate layers from a palletised load. Used mainly for getting the top few layers off a tall pallet load due to health and safety requirements, or for inspection, no manual handling is needed. Again we have designed it to be very affordable with a fast cycle time and superb reliability.

General Information

The Airflow layer lifter is hydraulically operated by centrally located lever controls. They give easy operation with instant stop functionality. The units are manufactured in a painted finish. The stand alone unit needs only an electrical supply and has a small footprint of 3M x 2M. The layer lifter can be loaded with a palletised load in the guided location area with a hand pallet truck or forklift truck. Once activated the machine is operated in order to clamp the product at the required layer. The clamping pressure is selectable to prevent any damage to the product. The relevant layers are then raised to allow inspection of the product below or can now be placed on a new pallet. Palletised loads can be split in this way for distribution options later or for safer production handling. The Layer lifter can be manufactured to meet your exact sizes and requirements.

  • Remove any layer from tall pallets for inspection
  • Split a palletised load into other palletised loads
  • Handles any boxed product without damage
  • One person operation save 95% labour costs
  • Fast cycle time
  • Instant stop controls
  • Designed for any boxed product

Unload Multiple Tall Pallets

Layer Lifter - ONE LAYER

Use the layer lifter 1800 to split one layer.

Layer Lifter 1

Layer Lifter - TWO LAYERS

Use the layer lifter 1800 to split at two layers.

Layer Lifter 2

Layer Lifter - THREE LAYERS

Use the layer lifter 1800 to split at three layers.

Layer Lifter 3

Layer Lifter - SIX LAYERS

Use the layer lifter 1800 to split at six layers.

Layer Lifter 4
The Problem