Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of Freezer Spacers do I need?

Airflow currently produces freezer spacers in the following formats, 1200x1000x35mm, 1200x800x35mm, 1200x1000x65mm. The 65mm thick spacers are called MAXI design. All spacers are black unless special order. Use 35mm thick in a blast freezer with plenty of forced air movement. If you have lack of forced air movement such as cold stores, mobile tempering / freezing units then use the 65mm thick.

Which type of Pallet Inverter do I need?

Airflow offer the largest range of pallet inverters on the market. The best answer is to contact us on 01254 829 399 and discuss your requirements with us. We will advise as to the best machine to suit your application in terms of cost, speed and safety.

What type of Safety Options do you offer ?

Click here.

Can you service / refurbish my existing machine?

Yes we provide a complete service and maintenance service tailored to your exact requirements. Click here for information regarding refurbishment of your existing machine.

Can you supply machines any where in the world?

Yes we currently send machines all around the globe.

Can you supply used machines?

Yes see our current stock of approved pre owned machines here. If you do not find what you want then call us and we will locate a suitable machine for you.

Can you install the machine and train our staff?

Yes we can, we offer a full install service and provide as much training and documentary support as needed.

Why should I buy from Airflow?

Simply because we offer the best designed, best manufactured, safest, fastest, and most cost effective solutions on the market today. See also here.

Pallet Changer


Need to change pallets under many load types? Use the Airflow Pallet changer. Handles bags, boxes, drums, glass, etc. Also many pallet types and depths.

Pallet Exchanger Auto

Pallet Changer SS


Need to change pallets under many load types? Available in stainless steel for washdown environments.

Pallet Exchanger Auto SS

Pallet Inverter TC


Need to invert your product 180 degrees and/or change the pallet? Use the Airflow Pallet Inverter TC. Handles bags, boxes, drums, glass, etc. Also many pallet types and depths.

Pallet Inverter TC

Pallet Exchanger


Need to exchange pallets without manually handling your product? Use the Pallet Exchanger machine in under 60 seconds Without lifting anything.

Pallet Inverter Pallex

Pallet Inverter SR1P


Need to exchange pallets with added functionality? Use the Airflow SR1P Machine.

Pallet Inverter SR1P

Airflow Layer Lifter


Having trouble unloading those top boxes for inspection or production? Use the Airflow Layer Lifter, fast and affordable.

Airflow Layer Lifter

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