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Continuing our mission of always looking to develop our machine designs, we have produced the second generation of our super successful Layer Lifter machine. It now enables the machine to split the palletised load as well as exchange the pallet under the full load without inverting.

Great Approved Used Stock.

Need the best machines at great prices?

Due to our market leading position and size within the materials handling sector, we carry a large range of approved used machinery. Our approved used machines are in the best condition in many cases in as new condition and we sell for the best prices. Indeed we are never beaten on price for new or used machinery. New approved used stock daily, so please ring for latest machinery available.

The Layer Lifter - Trays or Boxes.

Need to unstack your stackables?

The Airflow Layer Lifter now lifts trays / baskets with speed and ease.

The Pallet Exchanger Auto - Fully Evolved.

The Pallet Exchanger Auto dominates the market

When new customers are creating their user requirement specifications for a machine to exchange pallets from wood to plastic under their loads. Top of their list of requirements are speed of operation, safety, and cost. The Airflow Pallet Exchanger Auto beats any other machine package on the market today in all of these categories.

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Continued Development = Success

Leading Designs Dominate in 2011

The superb response and sales growth of our Pallet Exchanger range of machines has led us to continue the development of this range of inverters. We now produce the Pallet Exchanger Auto 2011 machine which is nothing short of outstanding in its ability...

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NEW Freezer Spacer Inserter - VIEW THE NEW VIDEO HERE

Insert Freezer Spacers with the new Layer Lifter

Our new layer lifting machine is receiving great acclaim in the fruit and fresh produce sectors. The thing is that it turns out to be a fantastic machine to allow you to insert our Freezer Spacers into a pallet of product...

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NEW Pallet Inverter Exel

Floor level loading with the Pallet Inverter Exel

Building on the success of our pallet inverters such as the Pallet Inverter SC and Pallet Inverter TC the Pallet Inverter Exel enables a palletised load to be inverted 180 degrees...

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Pallet Exchanger Auto - Speed Of Operation

Dramatically increased pallet exchange capabilities

Our new machine the Pallet Exchanger Auto has been very successfully installed in a very large leading health care company in the UK...

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Best Price on Pallet Inverters

Truly affordable pallet manipulation machinery

We believe at Airflow that everyone deserves to experience using the very best in pallet manipulation machinery...

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NEW Pallet Exchanger Auto

New design pallet exchanger from Airflow

Following the massive worldwide success of our Pallet Exchanger and SR1P Pallet Exchanger machines, comes the new Pallet Exchanger. This completely new design enables the pallet exchange of many sizes and types of pallets under many types of palletised load and is completely format free...

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NEW The Layer Lifter

New machine from Airflow - no manual pallet handling needed

Airflow now produces a machine that will allow the removal of up to 3 layers from a palletised load. The machine is a stand alone unit so you donít need to cost in the use of a specific fork truck as used on some systems...

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Pallet Changer


Need to change pallets under many load types? Use the Airflow Pallet changer. Handles bags, boxes, drums, glass, etc. Also many pallet types and depths.

Pallet Exchanger Auto

Pallet Changer SS


Need to change pallets under many load types? Available in stainless steel for washdown environments.

Pallet Exchanger Auto SS

Pallet Inverter TC


Need to invert your product 180 degrees and/or change the pallet? Use the Airflow Pallet Inverter TC. Handles bags, boxes, drums, glass, etc. Also many pallet types and depths.

Pallet Inverter TC

Pallet Exchanger


Need to exchange pallets without manually handling your product? Use the Pallet Exchanger machine in under 60 seconds Without lifting anything.

Pallet Inverter Pallex

Pallet Inverter SR1P


Need to exchange pallets with added functionality? Use the Airflow SR1P Machine.

Pallet Inverter SR1P

Airflow Layer Lifter


Having trouble unloading those top boxes for inspection or production? Use the Airflow Layer Lifter, fast and affordable.

Airflow Layer Lifter

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